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C’mere till I tell you ...

Life has history,
wished for, dreamed of, fought for.
The thing human staggered into it,
caught in truth and lies,
seas of light and clouds of darkness,
unforgettably branded as a tattoo.

A story that hits with all its force,
chasing through fields of rubble
or cooing in meadows of flowers.
Heart-beating and illusion-hearing time,
stunned being and amazement,
when the mind goes off the rails.

A story that shapes and determines values,
indelible traces of wolf and butterfly,
with the scent of the seasons:
Full of joy and laughter, doing and vision,
desire and passion, audacity and rebellion.


This Lyric and Prose and Photo Art is drum and fanfare, has strawberry mouth and bitter almond. - The Love! The Life! The Time! Mind-blowing cinema.


Desiring and demanding, proud and jubilant, hurt and humbled, I chase time, I covet, I play with life and love and emotions - full of hope. Giving up is not an option. Wanting beauty, questioning being and man.

Edition German language, global online or in bookshops

Roda Roth, IRISCHER WALZER, Lyrik & Prosa/Photo Art

Hardcover ISBN 978-9403623863 / Paperback ISBN 979-8671748734 


Roda Roth, TRAUMNEBEL, Lyrik & Prosa/Photo Art

Hardcover ISBN 978-9403627694 / Paperback ISBN 978-3755757337

Roda Roth, HERBSTREBELLEN, Lyrik & Prosa/Photo Art

Hardcover ISBN 978-9403623597 / Paperback ISBN 979-8670219006

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